Tartufaie was created by Marco Montanari and Giovanni La Piana because of their passion in truffles. We are specialized in cultivating truffles, assistance to the farmed truffles and managing the natural landscapes for truffle farming to improve their yield.

The first step to discover the perfect environment to grow truffles is analyzing the ground. We use a truffle research facility which understands the requirements of cultivating truffles in Italy.

Tartufaie takes care of managing the truffle grounds by pruning, working the soil and if only the correct procedures are followed the yield will increase.

The research facility uses microscopes and a library to analyze the truffles and mycorrhizas, their specie and the abundance to understand which truffle type suits the ground the most.

There are many varieties of truffles in italy, from the bianchetto (Tuber borchii) produced under the trees by the seaside to the uncinato variety produced in the mountain wood above 1400 m. Our customers need our expertise to find the best variety for the ground.

Our goal is promoting truffle farming with an attentive managing of the farming for the owners of the lands to start this prestigious cultivation.